Birdie | Novotel Sydney City Centre | new public artwork

In late 2023, I was approached to make birds for a hotel located in the heart of Sydney. I was overseas at the time, but the public art consultants and their client were happy to wait till I got home. I spent 3 and half months researching and making 22 birds based on the wallpaper in a new restaurant aptly called Birdie Bar and Brasserie. See previous post for restaurant interior. I can now reveal that Novotel Sydney City Centre are the proud owners of my artworks. Keep an eye out as I’ll post reveal the birds soon in their new home. Portrait of me by Andrew Sikorski who’s on instagram @art_atelier_photo. My gorgeous blue dress from London when we visited there in late 2023 from my favourite fashion house @andotherstories on Instagram and Facebook (&otherstories).

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

Did you know, on the 4th level of the V&A, is room after room filled with ceramics! The Ceramic Galleries has rooms 136 to 146 showcase ceramics in a timeline from contemporary to 2500 BC. I had to visit twice. There was so much to take in and I needed more time to truly soak in the beauty of this vast collection. A map is included in the photos below.

Standouts for me included: 

the large cup by Robin Levien in the middle of room 140 in the 2000 and below period. I equated this object to the Chair. In my extensive travels around the world, one thing I did note was how often the ‘chair’ was featured prominently. To be fair, we do tend to visit design and craft spaces so this would explain it. I just love how the V&A has placed a ceramic cup in a prominent space to remind us form, function and beauty does exist in all created objects.

The teaching space in the Timothy Sainsbury Gallery. I love how they displayed the processes that go behind making say a ceramic cup. Often viewers don’t know how much labour, time and energy goes into making a piece and then you are beholden to the kiln gods (the firings can quite literally make or break the outcome).

Yellow dish from Asia room – as you know I love yellow. I couldn’t pass on this gorgeous yellow glaze made for the Chinese imperial court.

The café Gamble Room is the ultimate luxe experience for affordable casual lunches/teas. I also sat in the garden room to admire the courtyard and people watching on a hot Summer’s day. 

Rows upon rows of glass cabinets filled to the brim. I could have stayed all day…

New exhibition at The Corner Store Gallery, Orange

I’m pleased to announce that my first exhibition in 2020 is at The Corner Store Gallery (TCSG) located in Orange, New South Wales, Australia. I am one of 10 artists in this special show as well as 14 artists in another show as part of a gallery swap. The owner Anne Masters of Gallery of Small Things (GOST) has collaborated with Madeline Young, Owner of TCSG to swap their selected artists so that Orange comes to Canberra and Canberra goes to Orange! It’s a unique concept which both owners were keen to provide their artists with a chance to exhibit beyond the country and the city and also experience a different space. As GOST is less than 6 meters square and TCSG is about 32 meters square it means artists have the opportunity to make small works (under A3 and under $500) for GOST and small to large works for TCSG. So, if you are looking for some new artworks to give your home or favourite space that special touch visit the exhibition at GOST. This will also take you the TCSG too.

Porcelain bird
My little bird – when light comes through the holes to show off pierced pattern
Porcelain birds
Three birds available to buy in this exhibition from 16 April to 3 May 2020