Artist Statement

I think about ceramics all day and all night – hence AM PM Ceramics – the name of my practice. It’s also my potters mark Anne Masters Potters Mark which goes onto every piece I design and make in my studio in the leafy suburb of Watson, Canberra. The clay I primarily work with is Australian porcelain – Southern Ice. It’s a vivid white and has translucence qualities when made in finer use.

My recent work has been the exploration of birds in our backyards/neighbourhoods. I make small, hand held birds slipcast and pierced with a pattern. They are made from Southern Ice Porcelain to emphasise the whiteness and translucency this clay produces in the making/firing processes. I also make bespoke jewellery and small dishes glazed in soft pale green and blues.  

Anne Masters was awarded the Master of Visual Arts from the then Australian National University School of Art in 2011. Over a 6-week period in 2013, Anne completed her first international residence at the International Ceramic Research Centre in Denmark.

In 2014, Anne exhibited in her first group show, ceraMIX, at FORM Studio and Gallery in NSW, Australia. In 2015, a group show, Protean, Nishi Gallery, Canberra. She was also selected for Canberra’s Potters’ Society, Surround/s.

In September 2017, Anne established GOST – Gallery of Small Things – Australia’s tiniest walk in gallery. In 2018, Anne exhibited new porcelain birds at Ivy Hill Gallery, Wapengo, NSW; MU Studio Gallery, Mosman, Sydney; and as part of CraftACT’s Members exhibition in September. In November 2019, Anne featured in HOLD at Belconnen Arts Centre. In 2020, she was in two group exhibitions – The Corner Store Gallery, Orange in April/May as part of a Gallery swap with GOST and selected for CraftACT’s Members exhibition, Care, held in November.

Since 2022, Anne has been invited to judge awards and prizes wearing both hats – as an artist and as a Gallery Director/Curator. She has also been engaged to be a member on artistic committees and roundtables and provide art expertise.

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