Reveal time!

I’m excited to show the birds in their beautiful frame.  The public art consultants Artduo engaged Kurt Wang from Fidoso Picture Framing to frame not just one set of birds but two! I’ll reveal the 2nd set soon.

He did a wonderful job and arranged the birds as I had envisaged. I’m incredibly lucky the client and all involved agreed on the colour scheme of the background, slightly deep set box frame and warm colour to highlight the beauty of each bird. Sometimes minimalist can speak louder than words, in this case the porcelain and patterns lure the viewer in to see what the art is all about.

Photo courtesy of Artduo (edited by Anne) who collaborated with Novotel Sydney City Centre on this special renovation and newly launched Birdie Bar and Brasserie.

Closeup of Birdie | Public Artwork

A little preview of what’s to come. This is a closeup of one of my artworks located at Novotel City Centre in Sydney, Australia. I created a series of larger birds with patterns derived from the wallpaper chosen for the interiors of the recently launched Birdie Bar & Brasserie. Each one is hand made with a bird pattern and its accompanying flora. They are slipcast, pierced and /or pressed, fired twice, sanded, polished and then placed in their new home. I’ll reveal if it’s a plinth or wall artwork…can’t help myself as I do love a good art mystery!

Photo courtesy of Artduo who collaborated with Novotel on this special renovation.

Birdie | Novotel Sydney City Centre | new public artwork

In late 2023, I was approached to make birds for a hotel located in the heart of Sydney. I was overseas at the time, but the public art consultants and their client were happy to wait till I got home. I spent 3 and half months researching and making 22 birds based on the wallpaper in a new restaurant aptly called Birdie Bar and Brasserie. See previous post for restaurant interior. I can now reveal that Novotel Sydney City Centre are the proud owners of my artworks. Keep an eye out as I’ll post reveal the birds soon in their new home. Portrait of me by Andrew Sikorski who’s on instagram @art_atelier_photo. My gorgeous blue dress from London when we visited there in late 2023 from my favourite fashion house @andotherstories on Instagram and Facebook (&otherstories).

Soon to be revealed … a public art commission

I’m a little excited as recently I had a new public artwork installed in a hotel in the heart of Sydney’s City Centre. The wallpaper seen here was chosen for the interior of a newly launched restaurant and provided inspiration for the interior design team to engage me to create me two new bodies of work. Watch this space as I roll out what I made and where they are located. I do love a slow reveal.

I’m in an ad campaign!

Gosh! This was a while ago and I realised that I totally forgot to post about it here on my ceramics website. Admittedly, it was to promote my gallery (Gallery of Small Things | GOST), but my work did feature in the campaign by my local tourism body, VisitCanberra. They worked with Creative Agency Wunderman Thompson Australia to create a major domestic tourism campaign promoting Canberra and places to visit. I was one of three chosen for their Feb-July 2023 campaign. My little dishes feature in the campaign and I did suggest the pistachio to show just how tiny my ceramic dishes are 🙂

So, to see the ad please click on the YouTube video below:

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

Did you know, on the 4th level of the V&A, is room after room filled with ceramics! The Ceramic Galleries has rooms 136 to 146 showcase ceramics in a timeline from contemporary to 2500 BC. I had to visit twice. There was so much to take in and I needed more time to truly soak in the beauty of this vast collection. A map is included in the photos below.

Standouts for me included: 

the large cup by Robin Levien in the middle of room 140 in the 2000 and below period. I equated this object to the Chair. In my extensive travels around the world, one thing I did note was how often the ‘chair’ was featured prominently. To be fair, we do tend to visit design and craft spaces so this would explain it. I just love how the V&A has placed a ceramic cup in a prominent space to remind us form, function and beauty does exist in all created objects.

The teaching space in the Timothy Sainsbury Gallery. I love how they displayed the processes that go behind making say a ceramic cup. Often viewers don’t know how much labour, time and energy goes into making a piece and then you are beholden to the kiln gods (the firings can quite literally make or break the outcome).

Yellow dish from Asia room – as you know I love yellow. I couldn’t pass on this gorgeous yellow glaze made for the Chinese imperial court.

The café Gamble Room is the ultimate luxe experience for affordable casual lunches/teas. I also sat in the garden room to admire the courtyard and people watching on a hot Summer’s day. 

Rows upon rows of glass cabinets filled to the brim. I could have stayed all day…

Europe 2023 | Travel Stories

From mid-June to early October, I was lucky to travel to Austria, Germany, The Hague and Netherlands, Belgium, London and Edinburgh. I worked in Austria as a Support Officer for the Australian National University’s Criminology Department who had 23 students visiting Vienna for an immersive Summer unit. Criminology Convenor Dr Adam Masters led the course which was taught for the first time and proved to be a success. Of course, in our down time we visited many museums, galleries and parks to enjoy Vienna’s art and culture.

I have written several travel stories on my work blog which is Gallery of Small Things – a gallery I run in Canberra. I’ve been operating the gallery for more than 6 years now and love my job. It’s been a balance to manage my arts practice with the gallery and I must admit the past three years has meant my practice has been put on hold while I kept my business alive during the pandemic.

I thought for this blog, I would focus mainly on ceramics I saw during our travels. I’m going to start at the end of the trip as the highlight for me was an unexpected exhibition held in Bath, UK. Who would have thought a little town would be hosting a major retrospective of one of my ‘in awe’ muses – Lucie Rie!

Holburne Museum is a hidden gem nestled in Sydney Park. It houses an extensive private collection (more than 4000 objects, pictures & books). Lucie’s exhibition was on one floor + a little room housing test pieces. The main room had decades of her work which were curated beautifully among the regal furniture, fine art and decorative arts from the collection of Sir William Holburne.

I was emotionally overwhelmed by seeing her works in person. It’s one thing to see it in a book but to be so close to the objects and have the room to myself (apart from the staff minding the space) was an incredibly defining moment for me. I knew that as soon as got home to Australia – I needed to focus on making again. I’m delighted to say that since we’ve been home, I’ve been working on a top secret project which will be announced (cross fingers) in February 2024! Please enjoy the following photos.

Pollen range now at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery shop

Photo courtesy of Hawkesbury Regional Gallery

I’m excited to announce that my Pollen earrings are now stocked at the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery shop. This gallery is located on the fringes of Great Western Sydney. Think Windsor, Richmond and a bit further afield the Blue Mountains. It’s a great driving holiday if you are thinking of a little getaway that takes you through some fabulous places with history, cider and of course art galleries! I wrote a story about our driving itinerary which can be read here. The pollen range comes in stud or drop as well as sterling sliver or rose plated gold meaning you can positively bloom day and night, Anne x

Open Studio | Design Canberra Festival 19

I’m participating again in the Open Studios as part of Design Canberra Festival 2019. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and love meeting new and familiar faces as they see my studio and arts practice slowly grow. I’ve also been a bit busy with a gallery that I run so visitors will have an extra bonus of seeing Canberra’s (possibly Australia’s) smallest gallery – GOST. We have a beautiful garden that surrounds the studio/gallery. I’ll have new porcelain decorations in time for Christmas, along with my new colours in the pollen jewellery range, my popular birds and little dishes. So, pop on in as I’ll be open 11am to 4pm Saturday 9 November 19 along with many other studios on the Northside of Canberra.

‘Summer Days’ – new dishes for exhibition

I have created a new series of dishes for an exhibition called HOLD. This group exhibition features 18 artists as part of a ceramic survey and coinciding with Design Festival Canberra. The Festival runs for 3 weeks in November 2019 and I’m thrilled to be a part of an exciting program that showcases talented artists from Canberra. My dishes were created as we near Summer. As a child growing up, we travelled in the Holden Kingswood more than 9hrs to visit grandparents and relatives in Newcastle. No seatbelts, hot seats, but always looking forward to long days on the beach, sand dunes to climb and hanging out at the local pool across from my Pop and Nana’s place in Lambton. The dishes represent Sky, Sea and Sand. They can be held in the palm of your hand. They are the perfect size for a biscuit, teabag, condiments or simply to enjoy the smooth recessed patterns or slightly gritty surfaces of the raku clay. HOLD is open from 1 November and continues till 24 November 2019.