Its official…I’m off to Denmark for my first international artist-in-residence

After a nail biting wait (well it was only 9 weeks…but who’s counting) my application to the International Ceramic Research Centre (ICRC) was accepted.  I’m off to Denmark to immerse myself in the world of ceramics for 6 weeks and can’t wait!  Its a wonderful opportunity as this will be my first international artist in residence following up from my first Australian residency at Canberra Potters Society.  The Centre is located in a beautiful rural setting near the fishing village of Skælskør. I’ve been there before in 2011 when Adam and I went to Europe and while he was working in Rome I flew to Denmark to visit my dear friend Amanda who was working at the Centre at the time.
Up until this week, I actually had no idea where the village was located in relation to Copenhagen until I read the faithful Lonely Planet’s Denmark and was surprised at how geographically Denmark is made up of a series of Islands linked by bridges. Skælskør is located roughly where Zeland is just south-west of Copenhagen (red star).








The Centre also known as Guldagergaard is located in an old apple orchard where the main house contains the admin room, a library, dining room and the bedrooms in which artists reside. Nearby are the old stables which have been turned into ceramic studios/kilns.  Here is a peek (remember this is summertime….I’m going in the dead of winter….brrrrr).  So watch this space as I update how my plans are going for making work while at the Centre.  I plan to go 2 January – 13 February 2013 – which is only 4 and 1/2 months away!  Not much time for researching and practicing ceramics as well as and preparing myself for a lot less sunlight.  I’ve heard anything from 1-4hrs sunshine and its dark for the rest of the day….geez, makes you realise how lucky we are in Canberra where in Winter our sunshine on average is 5-6 hours.  Still, I’m sure the snow, fairy lights and gløgg (mulled wine) will make Denmark a top experience!
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10 Replies to “Its official…I’m off to Denmark for my first international artist-in-residence”

  1. Hi Anne!

    So excited for you! Look forward to hearing about your preparations! Congratulations and sure you’ll produce some amazing work! Can I put my hand up to buy some please.


    Anna and Ursula

    1. Thanks Anna and Ursula. I can’t wait…a tad nervous but hoping to learn lots. Madly researching ideas and making forms in prep for the trip. I also get to have a few days in Frankfurt/Dusseldorf before starting…so if you know any good places to go…let me know 🙂

    1. Thanks Ben. It won’t be long before you go too. I bet Amanda can’t wait to have you around. Its a shame as I won’t see her now when I get to the Centre as she’ll be off chasing fame and fortune 😉

  2. Woo Hoo, Congrats Anne, you will have a wonderful time and get lots of inspiration for your creative future, love Mur xxx

  3. Oh Anne, how exciting for you, I’m so pleased, just remember your past study chums when your’r rich & famous, I’ll put in an order for a piece now. Have a great time. Sharon J.

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks so much. Very excited…I met with a friend last night and we are planning a For Sale tab on my website as I’m going to sell some pendants in the lead-up to Christmas. Its going to be a one-off as I prepare for the next series for 2013. So, I’ll keep you posted 🙂 As for famous…omg that will be light years away 😉

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