Support your local businesses

This little promo appeared on my face book page yesterday courtesy of  We Love Indepedents and I went yes!  We so need a marketing campaign in Canberra encouraging people to spend local, think local and realise that there are small business owners out there in your local suburb that need your support.  As the ad says “It takes YOU to start the trend” – so I thought okay…I’ve got a blog and can let you know my experience of working for a local business.

I work for a local chic boutique – Style Emporium – located at Ginninderra Village on the Barton Highway, Canberra – for map see Visit Canberra.  Now, I can hear a groan or two as you might think “Oh! isn’t that some old tourist attraction?”. Yes, it does have tourist attractions but it also has some much needed shops that give you that fabulous feeling after devouring a lemon curd cupcake Cherry Seed, a BLT toasted in the oven Sweet Copper, touching beautiful materials and all things art & craft (Mimosa Interiors), gleefully holding miniatures, gifts and all things nice Thumbelina and generally experiencing a more relaxing way to browse, shop, and feel good about supporting your local businesses. The local ACT Government announced in June this year a Four-year $20 million investment to support Canberra businesses.  I hope they stay true to funding”… A social media ‘Buy Local’ campaign, encouraging consumers to support local businesses, $20,000 over two years…”.

So next time, take the time to see what’s in your area, let your friends, family and colleagues know and start a worthwhile trend!


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