Photo gallery – Roskilde and Skælskør, Denmark


A photo gallery to end my time in Zealand where the medieval towns of Skælskør and Roskilde reside. From a stunning Cathedral, glass studio and Viking Museum in Roskilde, to walking @ the Skælskør Nor and then ending with the glorious and romantic 17th Century Borreby Castle (well almost ending…Marie and I went to Kobæk Strand (beach) on Monday and I couldn’t resist showing snow at the beach!) – its all been an amazing travel and photographic experience.  Enjoy!









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  1. Hi Anne, it was so lovely to hear your voice on the telephone the other night and then to speak to you on skype. By the time you get this I imagine that you will be in Copenhaghen. I hope all goes well for your final few days in this amazing country. The photos you just sent were delightful. It is hard to imagine living in these places. I suppose the locals are so used to it but it is certainly lovely to see with the snow on the landscape, even thought it is sooo cold!
    You are going to come home with some amazing memories, lots of incredible photos and no doubt new friends that you will keep in touch with. Scrolling down the photos and then coming to the felt-dress-exhibition which was so colourful made the other photos all the more stunning in their winter garb.Mind you I just loved the two dresses on display!!
    Thank you for all your informative e-mails and the impressive photo gallery you have gathered, I have enjoyed them so much. We are looking forward to hour homecoming and I am sure Miami is starting to get itchy feet. I will bath him on Friday, which is rather a traumatic time for him, but I am sure he feels better after the ordeal is over.He has been no trouble and we will miss him when he goes. I am sure he will not miss the back steps though. Sometimes he just stands and looks at them as if saying ‘do I really have to climb up there again??’ The turf went in on Friday but we don’t think he likes it, it is a bit scratchy on his feet and when he goes out last thing in the evening he has found a different spot to wet. The last couple of nights he has put himself to bed and won’t entertain going down the steps even with the light on. Skype just on. Finish with love.
    Mum and Dad

    1. Hi Mum and Dad, thanks for your positive and supportive comments which I just love. Its so good knowing I’m safe and sound in Copenhagen and now only have 4 sleeps to go till I get home. Poor Adam was pretty stuffed when I spoke to him. He’s been teaching the intensive course and today was the last day. So, hopefully, he’ll feel normal when we speak Friday night. I’ve just got back to the hotel after having lunch at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Cafe. I treated myself to an expensive lunch and had potato soup with home made bread and then the largest latte I’ve ever seen (I think he thought I said large when I asked for a strong coffee!) and a blueberry/raspberry cake. Yum! Yum. I then zipped in and out of the shops and by the time I decided to head to Designer Zoo – a design center with ceramics, glass etc it was too far to walk to. My feet were already aching so shall catch a bus tomorrow as its miles away. While it was cold/wet and snowing on me this morning when I arrived…it cleared up to sun and blue skies which was lovely…but still very cold. I think its -1 or below. Brrrrr. Little Miami…I miss him so much. Thanks again for looking after him. Well, better keep going. Take care, and chat on Friday night xxx

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