Artist in Residence

This year we have added a graduating student residency to our EASS awards, and I am delighted to announce that the selection panel chose Anne Masters, who graduated with a Master of Visual Arts degree just last week. Anne will be our first artist-in-residence, and will be taking up her residency about mid-January … – The Canberra Potters Society Email Announcement 27 Dec 2012

I can’t believe its end-February and I’m nearing the end of my 6 week residency.  Wow! A lot has happened since and I’ve been in a bit of spin.  I was offered a job at the School of Art and needed to start asap.  Luckily for me, CBR Potters’ Society (CPS) was flexible and happy to extend my residency to accommodate my new 2 day a job week.  This is on top of my other 2 day job at Style Emporium (SE).  Its funny how you think your year will pan out…I honestly thought I’d work 2 days at SE and 4 days on my ceramics. Then came the fabulous EASS award and of course my 4 days would now be in a swanky new studio recently built at the CPS.  So, how’s it going? Visit my blog “General tab” for an update.

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