Petite blue porcelain violas

In February this year, our local Canberra CityNews garderner, Cedric Bryant alerted readers to a new breed of violas ready in time for Autumn saying ‘…new Viola Blue Porcelain with petite, clear, true blue and creamy-white flowers is a must…’.  Well, of course moi had to go rushing to her nearest nursery after she got back from Seattle and Rodney’s ordered me a tray of these unheard violas!  Well…look at my first viola:

In hanging baskets outside our bedroom and in terracotta, blue/white pots near the kitchen and I’m loving them!


Now onto the next project…to buy or not to buy delft wallpaper with porcelain plates! Can you believe it!

Or maybe the doona cover…it does come in blue too…or will Adam do a major runner 😉

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