Travel Stories

I have been travelling to many places around the world since I was 18. I’ve always had a love of porcelain but never knowing that one day I would undertake formal studies to become a ceramic maker. Since then, I’ve viewed ceramics with a different eye – looking at form, function and beauty. I hope you enjoy my travel stories which focus specifically on ceramics in places and spaces around the globe. We are truly lucky to have amazing collections in galleries, museums, private homes, production houses, factories, smaller studios and so much more.

The following links will take you to my stories. Enjoy!

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK, 2023

Holburne Museum, Bath, UK, 2023

Australian Ceramics Triennale, Hobart, Australia, 2019

NCECA Seattle, USA, 2012

Faenza Museum, Italy, and Richard Ginori Factory, Italy, 2011