A closer look at the finer details of Birdie

I thought you might like to see a closer look at my birds to see the fine detail of each pattern I drew. The tropical birds and plant life wallpaper in the restaurant provided a starting point to research and draw the patterns required for 22 birds in total. There is the rainbow lorikeet, cockatiel, the Hoopoe and Lesser Bird of Paradise. Each bird was matched with nature’s flora. Plant life included Pink Bromeliad, Escargot, Frangipani, Monstera and a palm-like leaf. 

I’ll reveal my making processes over the coming weeks. From slip cast and joining to drawing, drilling, firing and polishing … it’s no wonder the project took me 3 and a half months to make.

Main photo by Andrew Sikorski from @art_atelier_photo; rest courtesy of various sources.

Reveal time!

I’m excited to show the birds in their beautiful frame.  The public art consultants Artduo engaged Kurt Wang from Fidoso Picture Framing to frame not just one set of birds but two! I’ll reveal the 2nd set soon.

He did a wonderful job and arranged the birds as I had envisaged. I’m incredibly lucky the client and all involved agreed on the colour scheme of the background, slightly deep set box frame and warm colour to highlight the beauty of each bird. Sometimes minimalist can speak louder than words, in this case the porcelain and patterns lure the viewer in to see what the art is all about.

Photo courtesy of Artduo (edited by Anne) who collaborated with Novotel Sydney City Centre on this special renovation and newly launched Birdie Bar and Brasserie.

Closeup of Birdie | Public Artwork

A little preview of what’s to come. This is a closeup of one of my artworks located at Novotel City Centre in Sydney, Australia. I created a series of larger birds with patterns derived from the wallpaper chosen for the interiors of the recently launched Birdie Bar & Brasserie. Each one is hand made with a bird pattern and its accompanying flora. They are slipcast, pierced and /or pressed, fired twice, sanded, polished and then placed in their new home. I’ll reveal if it’s a plinth or wall artwork…can’t help myself as I do love a good art mystery!

Photo courtesy of Artduo who collaborated with Novotel on this special renovation.

Birdie | Novotel Sydney City Centre | new public artwork

In late 2023, I was approached to make birds for a hotel located in the heart of Sydney. I was overseas at the time, but the public art consultants and their client were happy to wait till I got home. I spent 3 and half months researching and making 22 birds based on the wallpaper in a new restaurant aptly called Birdie Bar and Brasserie. See previous post for restaurant interior. I can now reveal that Novotel Sydney City Centre are the proud owners of my artworks. Keep an eye out as I’ll post reveal the birds soon in their new home. Portrait of me by Andrew Sikorski who’s on instagram @art_atelier_photo. My gorgeous blue dress from London when we visited there in late 2023 from my favourite fashion house @andotherstories on Instagram and Facebook (&otherstories).

Soon to be revealed … a public art commission

I’m a little excited as recently I had a new public artwork installed in a hotel in the heart of Sydney’s City Centre. The wallpaper seen here was chosen for the interior of a newly launched restaurant and provided inspiration for the interior design team to engage me to create me two new bodies of work. Watch this space as I roll out what I made and where they are located. I do love a slow reveal.

I’m in an ad campaign!

Gosh! This was a while ago and I realised that I totally forgot to post about it here on my ceramics website. Admittedly, it was to promote my gallery (Gallery of Small Things | GOST), but my work did feature in the campaign by my local tourism body, VisitCanberra. They worked with Creative Agency Wunderman Thompson Australia to create a major domestic tourism campaign promoting Canberra and places to visit. I was one of three chosen for their Feb-July 2023 campaign. My little dishes feature in the campaign and I did suggest the pistachio to show just how tiny my ceramic dishes are 🙂

So, to see the ad please click on the YouTube video below:

Pollen range now at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery shop

Photo courtesy of Hawkesbury Regional Gallery

I’m excited to announce that my Pollen earrings are now stocked at the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery shop. This gallery is located on the fringes of Great Western Sydney. Think Windsor, Richmond and a bit further afield the Blue Mountains. It’s a great driving holiday if you are thinking of a little getaway that takes you through some fabulous places with history, cider and of course art galleries! I wrote a story about our driving itinerary which can be read here. The pollen range comes in stud or drop as well as sterling sliver or rose plated gold meaning you can positively bloom day and night, Anne x

Open Studio | Design Canberra Festival 19

I’m participating again in the Open Studios as part of Design Canberra Festival 2019. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and love meeting new and familiar faces as they see my studio and arts practice slowly grow. I’ve also been a bit busy with a gallery that I run so visitors will have an extra bonus of seeing Canberra’s (possibly Australia’s) smallest gallery – GOST. We have a beautiful garden that surrounds the studio/gallery. I’ll have new porcelain decorations in time for Christmas, along with my new colours in the pollen jewellery range, my popular birds and little dishes. So, pop on in as I’ll be open 11am to 4pm Saturday 9 November 19 along with many other studios on the Northside of Canberra.

New year | new look

When all good things come to an end. As much as I loved my AM PM Ceramics website, the reality of monthly fees & annual charges by an e-commerce USA host meant I could no longer afford it. Sigh! After much thinking, I decided to consolidate so I could focus on my practice & plans. I have revamped my Anne Masters Ceramics blog, so some entries are pretty old but a new look means new beginnings.

My ceramic practice
This is the first time I haven’t planned an exhibition for 2019! It’s surreal as I had three group exhibitions in 2018 & seem to thrive on doing too much! I have one body of work in mind as a result of travelling on trains in Europe. So watch this space when that comes to fruition! To support my practice as an artist, I own & operate a gallery which has kept me busy and focused on supporting and mentoring artists. I love my job and look forward to balancing the gallery and my own practice.

Travel blog
I also love telling a story! I love travel, photography, architecture and visiting galleries in Australia and overseas just to list a few. So, whenever you think of travelling and need some tips, advice on what to see and do, then pop on over to my travel blog to getaway in style! My instagram @annemastersceramics also features my travel in short snippets in case you aren’t a fan of bloggers and blogs.

Travel to inspire making new works
There are travel plans ahead – a trip to Hobart for the Australian Ceramics Triennale in May – which no doubt will reinvigorate what I would like to make. I’m also hoping, Adam and I go to Spain and Portugal in mid-June to mid-July, pending our work commitments. This photo is by Fritha Quinn who’s instagram is rich with colour, travel and her family. The tiles behind her are classic of what I’ll be drooling over in a few months!

So, welcome to the new website and I look forward to hearing from you, Anne x

The Journal of Australian Ceramics : The Journal of Australian Ceramics 522 July 2013, Page 100

The Journal of Australian Ceramics : The Journal of Australian Ceramics 522 July 2013, Page 100.

I am very excited to announce JAC has published my first article in its 52/2 July 2013 edition pages 98-101. It is my perspective as a graduating student on the need for education and widening skills base for those involved in the visual arts.

Thanks to the Australian Ceramics Association for including me in this issue which has a focus on Education, Greg Piper’s evocative portrait shots from Clay Push Gulgong 2013 and a showcase of Open Studios Ceramics Australia.

Enjoy reading!