Packed to the rafters! Claybodies@Strathnairn opening night a success!

Image courtesy of Strathnairn Arts

Well, we thought a few people might come out on our exhibition opening night but with rain forecast and a chilly afternoon we were a bit worried! But luckily, the skies were blue, the afternoon was only slightly chilly and more than 250 people came to our opening night! I think Linda’s mulled wine, the warm fireplaces and of course fabulous ceramic works for sale were enough for guests to make a little side trip to the country.

Image courtesy of Strathnairn Arts
We think we hit at least 250 attending the night – people had to park in the paddocks as there were no car spaces left!
Richard, Brian and Paul
Richard, Brian and Paul

Strathnairn Arts is a quaint homestead located on the fringes of Canberra’s suburbs. On one side is a horse training facility, vineyards and olive groves and on the other side of the road is suburbia. Most people don’t realise that 15 minutes outside of the city’s center is this wonderful place which showcases the visual arts in it’s two galleries, a shop and cafe. On Sundays in Winter you can purchase wood-fire pizzas and look out into the garden filled with lemon trees, orchids and gum trees (and the occasional horse wandering along the footpath!).

Anyway, we had a great night and speeches went down really well with Strathnairn Arts Board President Alaine King welcoming visitors, ceramic artist and lecturer Joanne Searle formally opening the event on behalf of Anita McIntyre and myself speaking on behalf of the exhibition group. I think the mulled wine settled my nerves. It was great to be able to thank everyone and raise the Claybodies profile – a group of ceramic artists meeting monthly to form networks, exchange ideas and techniques and participate in exhibitions in Canberra.

Image courtesy of Strathnairn Arts
From left to right: Joanne Searle opening our exhibition. Liz Crowe, Melinda Brouwer, Linda Davy, Monika Leone, Anne Masters, Jo Victoria and Erin Kocaj. Pam Crossley in Melbourne but will be at Strathnairn Sunday 29 June as part of ‘Meet the makers’.

We initiated a ‘Meet the makers’ program so artists would be at Strathnairn on the weekends to meet the public and explain the processes involved. Some of us took our work in and made so it was very hands on for children and adults to watch us in action.

Anne in action at 'Meet the makers'
Anne in action at ‘Meet the makers’

It’s our last weekend exhibition this Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 June. Hopefully you can come out and meet some of the makers Erin and Pam and check out the works by members of Claybodies.

Photos courtesy of Strathnairn Arts, Canberra Potters Society and artist

My next exhibition – claybodies@strathnairn – 14 June 14

I just realised 14 seems to be a popular date when it comes to me being in group exhibitions. My last exhibition was 14 Feb 14. So, I hope this is a lucky number for me as my 2nd exhibition for 2014 is just @ the corner. As I write this I am down to the wire as I continue to fire my works…but shush! don’t tell anyone ;).

This work is quite different to the Marion series I created for the Feb exhibition and thankfully took less time (3 months vs 2 years!). I did have grand plans of showing a body of work that would involve the flying ducks with a twist. However, technical issues prevented me from continuing this work*. I had to bite the bullet and go back to familiar territory – working with shellac and porcelain.

This series is all about Winter seeds – in particular gumnuts captured in a graphic motif. The colours are as crisp as a Canberra’s winter’s morning and evening – white (morning frost), black (evenings) and bottle green (lush green grass). The white in particular stands out as I’ve used Southern Ice Porcelain – Australian white clay renowned for its finesses and whiteness[1].

This is just a sneak preview of the work which is designed to adorn the walls of your home or work place. They are @ 11.5 c and come as 1, 2 or 3 in a set. Hopefully this snippet will entice you to come and see the exhibition on the opening night – 4pm Saturday 14 June (nibbles, wine and warm fireplaces as winter hits Canberra with a shock!)  or Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays till end June.
Winter seeds series - black as night
Winter seeds series – black as night
Here is the invitation front and back with details.
  claybodies@strathnairn invitationClaybodies invitation back details
* Don’t despair – the ducks haven’t been shot down! I do plan to re-visit them as I really want to explore this iconic wall adornment and reinterpret it with a twist. So, watch this space!

[1] It is also renowned for its translucency – as my work is about wall tiles this feature was not a focus.