Artist in residence

As previously mentioned in Announcements, I was the lucky recipient of the inaugural EASS (Emerging Artist Support Scheme) artist-in-residence and been busy working away in Studio 3 since the middle of January this year.

The studio is like 5 times the space I had at the ANU Ceramics workshop!  I nearly fell over when I walked in.  So much room and luckily only 6 weeks to restrain myself from using every shelf!  I’ve been working on a project which I proposed as part of the application process – make a small body of work, investigate a new form and decorate the form with similar techniques used in my latest studio research project.

The project is about to come to an end and I’m in the process of preparing a presentation to members of the society.  It will be a great opportunity to show my latest work and what processes/research has gone into the beginning of a what I hope to realise is a long-term project.


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